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Team Sponsorship

Sponsor a Turnin2 Team

Through your support, we are able to provide our athletes and families many opportunities to achieve their softball dreams, take their talents to higher levels and to potentially earn college scholarships.

There are two simple ways to Sponsor a Team -

1)  Manual - Form and Check

2)  Electronic - Online ACH Checking

Please see below for the details on either method.

All sponsorship amounts go directly to the Team.

Note:  If your team does a team banner, please coordinate with your Head Coach on having the Sponsor displayed on the team banner.

Should you have any questions regarding our sponsorship program please contact your Head Coach or send an e-mail to Jeff Laufenberg and Kathy Allan at:

Jeff Laufenberg -

Kathy Allan -

Turnin2 Sports Inc is a  501 c3 (non-profit) • EIN: 46-3770385

Manual - Form and Check

Please print out the below PDF file, complete it in its entirety and write a check payable to "Turnin2 Sports Inc".  In the memo section of the check, please be sure to write the Team's Name e.g. 16U Koch.  Mail the completed form and the check to:


Attn:  Jeff Laufenberg

4860 S Old US Hwy 23

Brighton, MI 48114



Electronic - Online ACH Checking

Sponsoring a Turnin2 Team is now easier than ever with our online payment option.

Simply fill in the below information and click the "Pay Now" button.  You will be prompted to enter in your payment information and the amount.  You will receive an e-mail notification of the payment within a couple hours of submitting the payment.  

Note:  Please enter the Team Name and the Name of the Sponsor in the "Team Name" field.  This way we can know who is making the sponsorships.


Team Name (Example: 16U Caten and Tiny Tooth Dental)