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Tony Smigiel

Tony Smigiel

T2 Instructor

Phone: 586-933-7706

Specializing in

Hitting Instruction
Slapping Instruction
Catching Instruction
Pitcher Conditioning and Mental Empowerment 

About Tony Smigiel

My cornerstone has always been this..."Head, heart, body". It all starts with a plan in your HEAD, whether it's for hitting, slapping, bunting, fielding, or what have you. Then, it must transfer to your HEART, in that you must believe in the plan, your coaches and their teachings and guidance, and most importantly and undoubtedly, believe in yourself, with all your heart! Finally, it all filters down to your BODY. The muscle memory, the hours of individual lessons on pitching, hitting, fielding, the oh-so perfect all won't matter if the head or the heart pieces are missing or are at less than 100%.  This is my centerpiece of teaching!

 The goal of these lessons is to provide proper mechanics, that fit the players body type and kinetic allowances, for: fielding, hitting mechanics, slapping techniques, catcher specific training, pitcher conditioning and catcher-pitcher empowerment lessons,  mental conditioning and leadership skill building all within the lesson settings to improve their softball IQ, durability, and effectiveness in all areas of the game.

Please contact Tony directly to schedule a lesson.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL instruction will take place at Steal Cages in Roseville, MI