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Blast Technology

We are excited to announce the introduction of BLAST technology into our T2 hitting program. For those of you who may not be familiar with BLAST, I encourage you to click on the links and videos below to learn more. After you have had the opportunity to review the information please let us know if you have an interest in utilizing BLAST technology in your personal training by signing up below. Your Head Coach will get with you to review in more detail and answer any additional questions you might have as it relates to BLAST. 
Blast is the complete hitting solution for players and coaches.
The Blast solution collects and presents objective information, helping coaches and athletes transform data into improvement insights.
Capture and analyze details of every hit with simple stats and graphs. Set goals and monitor progress over time to identify performance trends and areas for improvement

For Parents

Top Selling Points

• Improve hitting performance (validation / effectiveness)

• Track practice history / performance trends (accountability / results)

• Practice / Training - Make practice fun and ensure that your child is getting the most out of their hitting

• Help you child get recruited - Hundreds of elite colleges and high school teams rely on Blast Technology for collegiate recruiting and player development.

• Shorten the improvement cycle - Metrics, video, voice announcements, insight - Blast provides a path for player development 


The Blast Softball app is easy to use and communicates via Bluetooth with the sensor to provide instant, objective feedback. Analyze, train, track and improve with insights, analysis and training tools for improvement



For Players

Top Selling Points

• Objective swing  / hitting information

• Shorten the feedback loop - metrics, video, voice announcements, insight

• Training Motivation - Players can compete against themselves or other team members

• Benchmark Performance - Compare current session against previous sessions - video / metrics

• Improve Confidence - Performance graph allows players to track their progress, make changes, and improve




The Blast Motion sensor is the most accurate sensor in the industry, as proven by an independent study. Approved for in-game use by NPF & PGF, the low profile design virtually disappears onto the bat and communicates via Bluetooth with the Blast Softball app. No calibration, wireless charging and sleep mode for power management make is simple to use.