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Softball Instruction

McKenzie Long

Right & Left Handed Hitting Instruction
Slapping Instruction
Infield Instruction 
Outfield Instruction

Ron Pezzoni

Hitting Instruction
Fielding Instruction
Outfield Instruction

Audra VanBrandt - T2 Pitching Academy

Certified Tincher Instructor

Alicia Mobley - Pitching & Hitting Instructor

• Power Hitting from the right and left side
• Left handed bunting and slapping
• Pitching for speed with location and spin training

Gina Munson

Catching Instructor

• Former CMU Player

Hitting Instruction
Slapping Instruction
Catching Instruction
Pitcher Conditioning and Mental Empowerment 

We strive to make every experience at Turnin2 a positive experience. Should you have any questions in the booking process please refer to our step-by-step guide.

Any additional questions you might have can be emailed to Kathy for assistance.

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