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Coach for Turnin2 Softball


Turnin2 Softball is seeking experienced, qualified coaches or former collegiate athletes who share in our passion of coaching and mentoring young athletes.   We are highly interested in speaking with non-parent coaches.   The expectations are extremely high at T2 and we are laser focused on developing young athletes.  We are only looking to partner with coaches/teams where it makes sense and where it is a good fit for both parties.    We have built our organization, brand and culture on "GREAT PEOPLE" and staying true to our core covenants of Respect, Responsibility & Represent will always be our main priority.    If you have an interest in joining our team and being part of T2's premier brand and program please contact Rodney Robeson  ( Director of Softball ) at or call 810-287-4024 for more details.  

Coaching Expectations

All of our coaches are expected to work together and uphold the high standards of the program and embrace them.    This includes maintaining a winning tradition both on and off the playing field!  

These high standards apply to several areas including practices, weights, conditioning, nutrition, sleep, social life, and typically extend beyond the playing field when it comes to academics and giving back to the community.

Our coaches are expected to make sure their teams practice with a purpose.   Preparation is important.  

Minimum Expectations ( but not limited too ) 

  • Well organized and prepared.
  • Previous coaching experience with proven track record of success both on and off the field.   
  • Ability to attend coaches meeting.
  • Comfortable working with high level athletes. 
  • Ability to work well with others and embrace the T2 culture.
  • Have an understanding that coaching is "managing".   You must have the ability to manage people.   It's not always about the x's and the o's.   
  • Meet deadlines.
  • Travel is required during fall & summer.    The amount of travel is dependent on the goals of the coaching staff and the team.    TBD.   

For more information on joining the T2 Coaching Staff please contact Rodney Robeson - Director of Softball Operations

EMAIL: Rodney Robeson